Senior Philosophy - Full Year

This programme introduces learners to some of the key aspects of Philosophy

Course Overview

Philosophy is the subject that specializes in exploring fundamental questions about the world and our place in it. For example: What is reality? What does it mean for me to ‘know’ something? What is reasoning? What is a Mind? Does God exist? How should I live, and who should decide? Philosophical discussion draws on imaginative speculation, scientific evidence, sustained reflection on lived experience, and the different histories, cultural perspectives and texts that shape current thought.


This programme runs for a full year, but learners are able to enter and exit at any point. If you only want to do the first two terms then that is fine.


The aim of this course is to provide an overview of the key areas in the study of Philosophy and to get participants thinking philosophically. We will initially explore what philosophy actually is, some of the history and development of historical thought and then move into some key philosophical areas. The best way of studying philosophy is by doing it. This means there is a heavy emphasis on discussion and knowledge building with others in this course. This programme is treated as an active Philosophy Community and all members are expected to contribute to that community on an ongoing basis. Anyone enrolling should be enthusiastic about that prospect.

The Teacher

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Darren Sudlow

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Darren Sudlow has been teaching History, Classical Studies and Philosophy online for the last ten years. He is a member of the NetNZ leadership team and is registered as a teacher with Ashburton College. While not his major, philosophy was a minor focus at University and the Socratic Dialogues a key part of his Classical Studies course over the last few years. He is enjoying offering the first online Philosophy course for secondary age learners in New Zealand. Mr Sudlow has played football since he was eight years old and is a passionate supporter of Ipswich Town Football Club.

Course Details

Think critically
Engage in reasoning, reflection and argument
Build and develop Ideas as part of a philosophy community
Engage in a Philosophical Inquiry

None Needed
Google Meet, Discord, Knowledge Forum,
School Year
31 Jan 2024
28 Nov 2024

NCEA Level 2, NCEA Level 3
Standard No * Standard title credit value Internal/External
90827 Analyse the key beliefs of a religious tradition and a secular world view in relation to ultimate questions 6 Internal
91597 Conduct a critical social inquiry 6 Internal
90826 Analyse the response of a religious tradition to a contemporary ethical issue 6 Internal
90825 (Optional) Analyse a religious tradition(s) in Aotearoa New Zealand (Optional) 6 Internal
91600 Examine a campaign of social action(s) to influence policy change(s) 4 internal

Philosophy cannot be done ‘solo’. In a philosophy course, the participating students become a community with a shared interest in exploring and discussing ‘big’ questions. Anyone wanting to take this course will need to fully participate in ongoing online discussion, whether through social media type platforms or in the video conference. Discussion is a fundamental part of the course.

Learning Exchange

1.00 placement

OR Cost


4 - 40

Offered by

Ashburton College
Ashburton College

Level (NCEA)

Yes - L2, L3

Course Dates

31 Jan 2024

till 28 Nov 2024


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Learning Exchange

1.00 placement

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