About Us

'Journey’ is an OPEN, online education exchange - a platform which connects learners seeking particular learning experiences, with teachers and other experts (& their organisations) who can provide such programmes and services in the online space.

Anyone can participate - as a learner, or as a teacher/tutor (- if you have the expertise and experience to deliver a quality learning learning experience online for participating learners). Whether you are 8 or 80; learning at school, home, work or elsewhere; living in New Zealand or beyond, you can participate in ‘Journey’, on your pathway to the future as a lifelong learner.

As a teacher in Journey, you can teach what you “love to teach”, with the flexibility and freedom of when and where. You can teach from anywhere.

Journey goes beyond school-based ‘subjects’. Any learning experience can be offered - for example Chinese for travellers; Genealogy with Ancestry.com; Football: an introduction to coaching techniques; IELTs preparation; Korean food & cooking; English language learning Support; High School Hindi (language and culture). 

Journey’s  learning experiences are:

  • Online & personal - in small learning communities (usually 10-20 people);
  • Utilising both synchronous (real-time) & asynchronous technologies for rich, ongoing participation with others
  • Expert, experienced teachers/tutors as learning facilitators, leading emergent codesign of programmes with their learners, based on learners' interests, experience and needs.


Journey is an independent subsidiary of NetNZ.org - a NZ-based NFP & registered charity.