L3 Calculus - Full Year

An introduction to Calculus

Course Overview

Calculus is a course designed for students with good algebra skills. Calculus is about using mathematics to solve problems. It models real-life situations using trigonometry, real and complex numbers, functions and their graphs and uses the power of calculus to solve a wide range of everyday problems involving change. Calculus is the essential prerequisite for students planning on studying engineering at university.

Topics covered include: Algebra; Trigonometry; Differentiation; Conic sections; Integration

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Kate Staniford

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Kia ora! My name is Kate Staniford, I am the Principal at Twizel Area School. I have been a Mathematics teacher for more than 20 years in both Wales and New Zealand. I live in Twizel with my husband and daughter. We have another daughter who lives and works in Christchurch. At home, we have a rescue pup called Theo and a very noisy Siamese cat called Elvis. My favourite things to do are Maths (obviously, lol), walking the dog and having a paddleboard at the lake.

Course Details

Use trigonometric mehod
Use the geometry of conic sections in solving problems
Apply the algebra of complex number to solve problems
Use differentiation and integration methods to solve problems

Have at least 14 Level 2 NCEA Mathematics credits including AS 91261
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School Year
01 Feb 2024
14 Nov 2024

NCEA Level 3
Standard No * Standard title credit value Internal/External
91573 v2 Apply the geometry of conic sections in solving problems. 3 Internal
91575 v2 Apply trigonometric methods in solving problems. 4 Internal
91577 v2 Apply the algebra of complex numbers in solving problems. 5 External
91578 v2 Apply differentiation methods in solving problems. 6 External
91579 v2 Apply integration methods in solving problems. 6 External

Text: Nulake Workbooks - https://www.nulake.co.nz/products/nulake-year-13/ Digital ($5 per standard) or Physical ($8.50 per standard) versions). The course starts with 3.3 Trigonometry and will continue to include 3.1 Conic Sections, 3.5 Complex Numbers, then 3.6 Differentiation and 3.7 Integration. Calculator: A graphics calculator eg Casio FX 9750G or similar (approx $100) is required.

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1.00 placement

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1 - 16

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Twizel Area School
Twizel Area School

Level (NCEA)

Yes - L3

Course Dates

01 Feb 2024

till 14 Nov 2024


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Learning Exchange

1.00 placement

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