L3 Art History - Full Year

Working as a team of researcher curators exploring big ideas in Art History

Course Overview

As community of Art Historians you will build and curate your knowledge of Art History together. This course will be highly collaborative and discussion-based. The aim of this course is to develop your critical thinking skills through discussion about Art History and the surrounding big ideas. You will examine big questions in Art History such as: - Why is Art important? - Why do humans make art? - How do cultural values impact on Art? - How do Artists make meaning in Art? - How do big ideas impact on Art?

The Teacher

Philippa Mallinson

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Kia ora, my name is Philippa Mallinson. I live in Hokitika on the beautiful West Coast. I love reading, drinking coffee, looking at and thinking about Art. In Art History we work as a team of Art Historians to explore big ideas in Art.

Course Details

Construct arguments about Art History
Critically analyse values in Art History
Critically analyse the relationships between theories and Art
Critically analyse how media and processes shape style and meanings in Art

Art History
Prior learning an advantage, however, success in literacy rich courses and a curious mind is all that is required.
Padlet, Mattermost, Google apps, Knowledge Forum
School Year
01 Feb 2024
30 Dec 2024

NCEA Level 3
Standard No * Standard title credit value Internal/External
91487 v1 Examine the different values placed on art works. 4 Internal
91486 v1 Construct an argument based on interpretation of research in art history. 4 Internal
91488 v2 Examine the relationship(s) between a theory and art works 4 Internal
91485 v2 (Optional) Examine the impact of media and processes on art 4 Internal
91482 v2 (Optional)Demonstrate understanding of style in art works 4 External
91483 v2 Examine how meanings are communicated through art works 4 External

A curious and questioning mind. The ability to actively participate in class discussions A receptiveness to taking risks with your learning. An openness to listening critically to one another, responding positively and constructively, and appreciating the different strengths, experiences and skillsets. In this art history class, the participating students become a community with a shared interest in exploring and discussing ‘big’ questions. Anyone wanting to take this course will need to fully participate in ongoing online discussion, whether through social media type platforms or in the video conference. Discussion is a fundamental part of the course. We will work as a team of art historians to explore those big questions about art. You will also need to have access to netbook/laptop device in and outside of school.

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1.00 placement

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1 - 20

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Westland High School
Westland High School

Level (NCEA)

Yes - L3

Course Dates

01 Feb 2024

till 30 Dec 2024


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Learning Exchange

1.00 placement

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