L2 Physics - Full Year

Level 2 Physics - a fundamental explanation of the Physical world around us

Course Overview

In this course we will build on Level 1 Physics so that we can better explain the Physical world around us. The standards will be a selection from those below and will allow students to continue on and study Physics at Level 3 and beyond. I will aim to deliver one "lesson" a week of content and new ideas with a further hour of "tutorial" where we will review the work that has been completed between lessons.

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Nigel Scarth

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Work independently and be able to seek help when needed
Be able to explain the Physical world around us in terms of Mechanics, Waves, Radioactivity and possibly Electricity
Be able to conduct an investigation in a way that solves problems
Be able to study Physics at a higher level

Science, Physics
Ideally have studied Level 1 Physics; be able to re-arrange simple equations; be able to interpret graphs / data and tables
Google Meets and Google Classroom
School Year
31 Jan 2024
23 Nov 2024

NCEA Level 2
Standard No * Standard title credit value Internal/External
91168 v2 Carry out a practical physics investigation that leads to a non-linear mathematical relationship (Core Topic) 4 Internal
91170 v2 Demonstrate understanding of waves 4 External
91171 v2 Demonstrate understanding of mechanics (Core Topic) 6 External
91172 v2 Demonstrate understanding of atomic and nuclear physics (Core Topic) 3 Internal
91173 v2 Demonstrate understanding of electricity and electromagnetism 6 External
91169 v2 Demonstrate understanding of physics relevant to a selected context 3 Internal

The Scipad internal and external workbooks will be used. Here is a link to see the bundle to get both https://scipad.co.nz/product/level-2-physics-bundle-external-internal-scipads/ and here is the link to purchase them https://shop.scipad.co.nz/the-range/physics/. The cost is $40.

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1.00 placement

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5 - 18

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South Otago High School
South Otago High School

Level (NCEA)

Yes - L2

Course Dates

31 Jan 2024

till 23 Nov 2024


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Learning Exchange

1.00 placement

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