L2 Art History - Full Year - 2023

NCEA L2 - Art History

Course Overview

Level 2 Art History is a stimulating and enjoyable course for all students with an interest in the visual arts, classics and general history. Art History is an academic discipline that provides insight and understanding of how art works reflect the time in which they were created as well as the artistic endeavors of the individual artists who created them. We delve into the historical/ social/religious background and the prevailing philosophies of the time. The knowledge and skills gained in this course can be applied to tertiary study and careers, in particular, architecture, art and design, and also advertising, tourism and museum studies as well as being culturally enriching. There is no need to have practical artistic ability; an interest in art is sufficient.

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Nicky Lewis

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I LOVE Art History it is an underestimated subject. In our modern society images have become more and more prevalent and I believe everyone should be visually literate as I genuinely believe it will enrich their lives. I am an animal and art loving Brummie (from Birmingham, England) who now lives on a crop farm with my partner, two children and growing menagerie in Canterbury.

Course Details

Research and analyse how media are used to create effects in art works.
Research and analyse to discover an understanding of an art history topic.
Communicate ideas, views, opinions, in response to art works.
Examine artwork and how the formal elements communicate meaning.

The Arts
It is important that students are self motivated and willing to use good research skills.
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School Year
02 Feb 2023
23 Nov 2023

NCEA Level 2
Standard No * Standard title credit value Internal/External
91183 v2 Examine how media are used to create effects in art works. 4 Internal
91184 v2 Communicate understanding of an art history topic. 4 Internal
91185 v2 Communicate a considered personal response to art works. 4 Internal
91180 v2 Examine the effects of formal elements of art works. 4 External
91181 v3 Examine the meanings conveyed by art works. 4 External
91182 v2 Examine the influence of context(s) on art works. 4 External

That students are self motivated, independent learners and have an enthusiasm for the subject.

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1.00 placement

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2 - 22

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Ashburton College
Ashburton College

Level (NCEA)

Yes - L2

Course Dates

02 Feb 2023

till 23 Nov 2023


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Learning Exchange

1.00 placement

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