L3 Physics - Full Year

Gain insight into the inter-relationships between quantities that define our physical world

Course Overview

The Level Three Physics Course is for students who are interested in science and wish to widen their understanding of the principles relevant in the physical world and further develop their problem solving skills.


1. Promote a view of physics as a human activity, including its applications, technological developments and relevance to the lives of people.

2. Develop student’s knowledge and understanding of physical phenomena.


3. Develop student’s skills of investigation and inquiry.

Topics that will be covered are:


Electrical systems,  Mechanics, Waves Systems, Physics Investigation and Modern Physics (optional)

Tags covered include

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Stephen Anderson

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Course Details

Mathematics – Level 2 Algebra;Graphs; Calculus; Trigonometry AND Physics – a minimum of ‘Achieved’ in two of L2
Google Meet; Google Spaces
School Year
31 Jan 2024
15 Nov 2024

NCEA Level 3
Standard No * Standard title credit value Internal/External
91523 v2 Demonstrate understanding of wave systems 4 External
91524 v2 Demonstrate understanding of mechanical systems 6 External
91525 v2 Demonstrate understanding of Modern Physics 3 Internal
91526 v2 Demonstrate understanding of electrical systems 6 External
91521 V2 Carry out a practical investigation to test a physics theory relating two variables in a non-linear relationship 4 Internal

Learning Exchange

1.00 placement

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1 - 18

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Christchurch Adventist School
Christchurch Adventist School

Level (NCEA)

Yes - L3

Course Dates

31 Jan 2024

till 15 Nov 2024


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Learning Exchange

1.00 placement

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