L2 Chemistry - Full Year

NCEA L2 - Chemistry

Course Overview

This course covers the L2 Chemistry Achievement Standards (a maximum of 17 credits can be gained). Topics covered in this course are indicated in the standard title. The course is flexible and can be altered according to student requirements.

Aim: To provide an appreciation, enhance and facilitate learning in Chemistry

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Maree Pullar

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I am a teacher at Roxburgh Area School in Central Otago. I enjoy jogging and biking. We have some lovely local bike trails. In winter I go with the Alexandra Harrier group exploring the hills around the district. I support the Highlanders and Otago rugby teams.

Course Details

Carry out procedures to identify ions present in solutions.
Demonstrate understanding of the chemistry in a recent discovery or development.
Understand bonding, structure and energy changes.
Understand oxidation- reduction.

A good understanding of L1 Science, particularly Chemistry (- as indicated in prior NCEA achievement) .
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School Year
31 Jan 2024
15 Dec 2024

NCEA Level 2
Standard No * Standard title credit value Internal/External
91911 v1 Carry out an investigation into chemical species present in a sample using qualitative analysis. 3 Internal
91163 v2 Demonstrate understanding of the chemistry used in the development of a current technology. 3 Internal
91167 v2 Demonstrate understanding of oxidation-reduction. 3 Internal
91164 v2 Demonstrate understanding of bonding, structure, properties and energy changes. 5 External
91165 v2 Demonstrate understanding of the properties of selected organic compounds. 4 External

Students will need to complete lab work during the year requiring preparation and supervision by student home school. A $20 fee will be required to cover the cost of Education Perfect.

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1.00 placement

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2 - 22

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Roxburgh Area School
Roxburgh Area School

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Yes - L2

Course Dates

31 Jan 2024

till 15 Dec 2024


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