L1 German (Kotui Ako) - Full Year

NCEA 1 German

Course Overview

Level 1 German enables students to understand and produce more complex language. Students will learn to communicate beyond the immediate context, for example, they will be able to discuss past and future events. They will learn to use different text types by producing a writing portfolio.


Topics covered include:


  • My family, my friends and I

  • Where I live (house, city and country)

  • My school 

  • Out and about / food and drinks

  • On holiday

  • The environment

  • Cultural topics like festivals / current affairs

Tags covered include

The Teacher

Angelika Young

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Course Details

Year 9 / Year 10 level of German required. This includes the understanding of present tense verbs, basic word order of sentences and vocabulary covering areas of immediate relevance; e.g.: self, school, food and clothes.
Google Classroom; Zoom
School Year
10 Jan 2023
21 Nov 2023

NCEA Level 1
Standard No * Standard title credit value internal/external
91968 v1 Interact in spoken German to share and respond to information, ideas, and opinions 5 Internal
91969 v1 Communicate in German for a chosen purpose 5 Internal
91970 v2 Demonstrate understanding of written German related to everyday contexts 5 External
91971 v2 Demonstrate understanding of spoken German related to everyday contexts 5 External

Google account / Download (or print) the topic booklets and Level 1 and Level 2 vocabulary lists provided in Pdf / Sign up with Education Perfect $ 35 per student

Learning Exchange

1.00 placement

OR Cost


1 - 18

Offered by

Coromandel Area School
Coromandel Area School

Level (NCEA)

Yes - L1

Course Dates

10 Jan 2023

till 21 Nov 2023


School Year

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Overall Rating

Learning Exchange

1.00 placement

OR Cost


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