Intermediate Spanish (Kotui Ako) - Semester 2

An introductory course of Spanish language and culture

Course Overview

An introduction to Spanish language and culture, for absolute beginners, covering New Zealand Curriculum Levels 1-4. Students will learn how to use familiar expressions such as greetings and farewells, asking and providing personal information, ordering food and drinks, asking for information, talking about family,  conjugation of most common regular and irregular verbs, looking at past tense and future tense and important aspects of Spanish Culture.

Topics covered include:

1. Alphabet/pronunciation

2. Greetings

3. Introductions - self & others

4. How are you?

5. Numbers 1-100

6. Age

7. Birthdays

8. Dates; days of week, months

9. Time

10. Colours

11. Family members

12. Describing yourself and others

13. Food/Drink - items, likes and dislikes

14. Basic Spanish grammar

15. Cultural and historical elements

16. Leisure time activities, sports  and near future plans

17. Shopping in a market, going to a restaurant

18. School life and Daily Routine

Tags covered include

The Teacher

Rebecca Harvey

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Course Details

Speak basic Spanish
Understand simple conversations in Spanish

Prior knowledge or Beginners course
Google Classroom; Zoom
School Year
01 Feb 2023
07 Jul 2023


Subscription to Education Perfect $15 for a semester/half year, $30 for full year.

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1 placement

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2 - 18

Offered by

Tauhara College
Tauhara College

Level (NCEA)


Course Dates

01 Feb 2023

till 07 Jul 2023


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